The PeaceQuest app is a 3D interactive meditation experience. The user follows prompts and a guide – their personal Anam Cara (soul friend) guide – to meditate and pray in a special immersive “you are there” type of prayer.



Enjoy a realistic soundtrack
that will immerse you
in the PeaceQuest experience

Use touch screen controls
to explore the Chapel
and Mary’s Garden

Collect medallions as you
progress through the experience


Touch screen candle lighting for
St. Anthony’s prayers in the Church

Have a guided moment
of quiet contemplation

Experience a beautiful story of hope and survival in a wonderful animated book


In addition, PeaceQuest users will receive a push notification twice a week to let them know that a new PeaceQuest Pearl has just been posted for their special viewing. The Pearl is a 60-second video providing live action scenery and a peaceful message.

The PeaceQuest app may also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.